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Inspire creativity.

Vision Statement:

Be Cool Be You envisions a world where people can love each other and express themselves creatively. Our desires are to embrace "you-ness", inspire creativity, and help others discover themselves.

Mission Statement

Create products, content, and atmospheres that promote the uniqueness of the individual.


  • To create is innate.
  • Dreamagine.
  • Listen to your heart.
  • Quirks and Zoids.
  • Grit and follow-thru.
  • Trust in a power greater than ourselves.
  • Be child-like, not childish.
  • Balance and harmony.
  • Humus means earth.
  • Permission to play.
  • Find your rhythm.
  • There is light on the other side of the tunnel.
  • People not products.
  • Tortoise > Hare
  • The Golden Rule.



Be Cool Be You started in Philadelphia, PA in an after-school youth program.

The dream of the founder, Jack, was to bring in creative professionals every Friday to teach the kids positive new ways of expressing themselves. He saw that the kids lacked positive outlets and wanted to help them to feel valued.

During an arts and crafts session one day, he summed up his message on a piece of paper with some paint.

Be Cool Be You ╲()╱.



At Be Cool Be You, we make it our aim to put the focus on the person rather than the product. Here, we desire to promote the uniqueness of the individual.

Our message for the world is that YOU are good, YOU have something to offer, and YOU have special gifts and talents that can only be expressed by YOU!

Only YOU can share these gifts and talents with the world in a way that the world needs to experience.

We put the focus on YOU, because in YOU lies a world of discovery!

We love meeting people who are living out the mantra, and seek to highlight them to inspire others. In fact, all of our designs are inspired by YOU!



Be Cool Be You seeks to expand by hosting pop-up events at schools and in communities, providing young people with opportunities to experience healthy outlets, learn new ways to be creative, and interact with the world around them.



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